uBar registration not working

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The registration information I have received is not being accepted by uBar and or is not working.


If your registration information is not working, there are four possibilities:

  1. In 95% of cases, the Owner and/or License Key fields have been entered incorrectly. Please carefully consider the following:
    • Did you copy-paste both fields exactly?
    • The fields are case-sensitive. Is one or more letters incorrectly upper or lower case? Is an accent missing on a letter?
    • Is there an extra or missing space?
    • The Owner field automatically populates using your macOS account's user name. It may be slightly different than your registration's Owner field.
  2. You may be running the wrong version of uBar. Make sure you are not running uBar 2 or 3 and entering your uBar 4 registration information:
    • Quit all running instances of uBar.
    • Open Activity Monitor.app to make sure uBar is not running.
    • Go to your ~/Applications folder and make sure the version of uBar you are using is uBar 4 and not uBar 2 or 3. You can find this out by selecting uBar in the Finder and checking File > Get Info > Version.
    • If you only have uBar 2 or 3, download uBar 4 and delete uBar 2 or 3.
  3. You may be using a 16 character code which has to be redeemed for a license.
  4. The registration information you are using is incorrect. Please make sure it is exactly what you received by email when you purchased uBar.

If your registration information is still not working, please contact us at support@ubarapp.com.

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